Meet Our Technology Partners

We use the best in the business to deliver impressive results

Tenant Turner

Tenant Turner is a powerful resource that helps our team find renters more quickly than ever before. Used by property managers across the nation, Tenant Turner's integrated platform includes 24/7 call center service, allowing prospective tenants to gain access to the home they'd like to visit at a convenient time.



MyWalkThru takes the stress out of move-in and move-out reports. When a new tenant moves into one of our properties, they can use the app to note the condition of the property and report any problems. The same process gets repeated at move-out, preventing potential disputes and issues down the road.



SureVestor provides peace of mind for investors worried about protecting the health of their rental property. It's premier product, Scheer Landlord Protection, offers a financial safeguard against malicious damages, loss of rent, and eviction costs.

petscreening180 takes the stress out of qualifying pets and assistance animals for acceptance. This powerful tool generates a FIDO score for each animal and adds an additional layer of liability protection for concerned landlords. uses information like breed, behavior history, and health records in its score generation.



Latchel takes the guesswork out of maintenance requests and helps ensure that emergency repair requests are processed quickly. This innovative platform makes it easier for tenants to get assistance, while simultaneously keeping rental properties protected.